Venue One partnership with Ficom Leisure

We are delighted to announce that Venue One has entered into a partnership and advisory agreement with Ficom Leisure, a provider of strategic advisory services in the global betting and gaming industry since 1996. Ficom Leisure has more than 85 years of combined experience and expertise in all segments of the B2B and B2C international betting and gaming industry and provides corporate advisory, business consultancy and sell-side and buy-side investment related services from locations in London, Rome, Madrid, Malta and Miami. The partnership will empower Venue One to carve a medium term path for strategic collaborations with established global players in the traditional and crypto gaming industry.

Christian Tirabassi, senior partner at Ficom Leisure, said : “We see increased interest from the traditional betting and gaming industry companies towards the crypto and blockchain gaming segment; Ficom Leisure’s existing relations in both universes can enable the potential crossover and integration between these two evolving industries.”

You can find out more about Ficom Leisure on their website and LinkedIn page.

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