Venue One partnership with Mercurius

We are delighted to announce that Venue One has entered into a partnership with , an AI driven company that specialises in the development of AI models and sports predictions. The partnership will help Venue One users with advanced analytics to help them make informed and timely trading decisions while optimising their risk reward profile. Mercurius will gain a first mover advantage by joining our distributed prediction protocol, allowing them to engage with a global non-traditional sports trader community.

Fabrizio Machella, CEO of Mercurius, said : “Venue One as a global, decentralised and commissions efficient platform has all the right tools in place to become the new benchmark of reference for every forecast. This is why we at Mercurius are enthusiastic about providing insightful analytics to its trader community”.

Mercurius provides the Tradr Artificial Intelligence trading bot on the Betfair p2p sports exchange as well as a real time Odds Terminal providing pre-match and in-play odds to traders, currently focusing on football and rapidly expanding to other global sports. Mercurius will be collaborating with the Venue One team to customize and seamlessly integrate their analytics platform with our UI/UX built on top of Venue One predictions protocol. Odds Terminal

The goal of any predictions market is to determine via the wisdom of the crowds and the participant’s active positioning the best possible prediction about a currently unknown outcome. It has been shown that an uninformed participant community does not converge to optimal outcome predictions fast or even at all. Our goal at Venue One is to provide as much information as possible to our trader community to make efficient predictions and facilitate swift price discovery.

As a non custodial trading venue we do not step in to the markets or have any incentive whatsoever to have less informed traders. Our vision is to build a fair protocol with a thriving community of informed traders. That is the path to greater liquidity and hence protocol activity growth.

You can find out more details about Mercurius on their site, Twitter & YouTube channel.

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